Switching to Organic/preservative-Free Wines

Organic wine has a growing share of the wine consumption market in Australia as more consumers embrace the benefits of organic wine. Not only does organic wine taste great, but also many people find that they have less severe hangovers and can enjoy their wine consumption more. Here are some more details on the benefits of organic wines. 

Less preservatives

Organic wines use a much lower level of sulphite as a preservative (also know as pres. 220 on labels). This preservative can be very aggravating for some people and can contribute to those red eyes and headaches. Some wines may use a different preservative, or simply a lower level of sulphite. All commercially prepared wines will all use some level of preservative to limit the amount of yeast and bacteria that builds up in storage but by using a much lower level the wine can often be more pleasant for consumers who are sensitive to preservatives. 

Of course, as organic wine still contains alcohol, if you drink enough you will still suffer the consequences the next day, so it's a good idea to keep drinking water between the wine to make sure that you don't end up waking up sore. 

Environmental benefits

Rather than using pesticides to control the amount of bugs and insects that attack the crops in the field, organic producers use other techniques such as planting complementary crops in the field which attract the insects to them instead. They can also use physical protections from insects such as netting. This means the crops are sprayed with fewer chemicals and fewer chemicals make it into the overall ecosystem (including the water table and soil). This prevents insecticides building up and getting into the crop, as well as stopping insects from developing chemical resistance and becoming super bugs. This means organic wine is a good option for anyone with an environmental bent.

Health benefits

Some sources state that conventional wine can have up to 80% less resveratrol than conventional wines. Resveratrol is the compound in red wine that is associated with many of the health benefits of red wine including improving heart health. It's a great reason to have that extra glass of (organic) wine each night!

If you are looking at making the switch to organic wines why not chat to your local wine supplier? They can suggest some local or imported options that taste great and are great for you and the environment.